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Bolar Aluminum Foot Grille Systems Bolar Aluminum Foot Grille Systems
GRILLES : To ensure quality, we have continued our policy of assembling the bars with traverse rods riveted at one end and bolted down at the other. The traverse rods are covered by a bushing which has dual function:  -protects the traverse rods a ...More...

Entrance Mats: Pedigrids G1 Entrance Mats: Pedigrids G1
Use in new construction for maximum trapping of dirt, snow, and water. Capable of handling 400lb per wheel load.

Entrance Mats: Pedimat M1 Entrance Mats: Pedimat M1
Quiet, colorful and highly effective at stopping dirt. Combination vinyl/acrylic rails and aluminum hinge connectors offer maximum performance in high traffic entrances.

Entrance Mats: Peditred G4 Entrance Mats: Peditred G4
Handles rolling loads up to 1000lbs per wheel. The industry's strongest architectural grid and a smooth rolling surface, solid feel under foot.

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