Security screens look similar to an insect screen but are much, much stronger.  The frame is made from heavy steel or aluminum that can be fixed or hinged onto existing window frames.  The frame holds a stainless steel wire cloth or a steel perforated panel and ranges in protection from medium vandalism to maximum security.

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Kane Security Screens Kane Security Screens
Screens at a local public school added onto windows of portable additions

Level 4 - Medium Vandalism Level 4 - Medium Vandalism
Resistant to thrown rocks, bottles. Cannot break in without a tool and determined effort.

Level 5 - Heavy Vandalism Level 5 - Heavy Vandalism
Resists forced entry, heavy thrown rocks. Heavy pry bar required for entry.

Level 6 - Medium Security Level 6 - Medium Security
Escape deterrent. Resists forced entry and vandalism.  Tough inner-city environments, persistent forced entry, secluded windows, detention issues.

Level 7 - Maximum Security Level 7 - Maximum Security
Escape deterrent. Forced entry and vandalism. Resists repeated forced blows and body thrown at screen at full force.

(1 - 5 of 5)

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